Watchers at the Gate

Ancient secrets

The small town of Winterhaven has been besieged by Kobold brigands for months. The roads to and from the small farming community have been attacked several times. The town has been nearly isolated from communication outside of their small mountain vale. Little did they know this was a plot by Cultists of Shar to divert attention from their dark activities. Activities in an ancient ruined keep forgotten for ages. If it was not for the efforts of the unsuspecting heroes, non of this would have come to light.

After dispatching the brigands guarding Nix’s ex Arcane Masters dig site, something became quickly apparent. A gnome skulker named Agrid, had taken over the site after incapacitating Seagates newest apprentice Risken. The quick battle and loss of his cohorts provided Agrid with an excuse to save his skin. He pointed out his employer was a Cultist of Shar within the town of Winterhaven itself! He had heard a name “Kalarel” from non-other than Brairwin the shopkeeper. Risken explained the dig site was presumed to be the resting place of a great Shadow Dracolich named Shadraxil. In truth however Seagate’s excavation showed only a young shadow drake’s remains. According to all records that location should have been the Dracolich’s resting place….how could Master Seagate be wrong? It was the first Risken or Nix had heard of him being in obvious error.

The town was winding down after a pitiful market day when the party arrived, with Agrid and henchmen in tow. The unofficial guard captain Rond Kelfam listened to the party’s story with some disbelief. He eventually took the Paladin Talon and Seagate’s apprentice Risken at their word. First Kobolds then Gravesite robbers?

As soon as Rond was gone with Risken and the bound Agrid, the party decided to pay a visit to the shopkeeper Brairwin before they had to explain his role in the Cultist plot without adequate evidence. It did not take long before the party had cornered the slight shopkeeper. Delving into the dark underground beneath the shop, the group uncovered a shrine to the dark godess Shar! A long and deadly fight with shadowy wraiths ended in the party’s victory. Shortly afterward Doodlit discovered a secret door within the brick and mortar of the purple glowing shrine, as Priestess Morgada destroyed the foul alter. Inside they discovered several documents professing Brairwin’s duplicity with Kalarel, and a dark foreboding ritual that nears completion. Mentions were made of Kobolds distracting others from what really was going on within a ruined keep nearby.

Turning Brairwin over to the town guard, the locals were in a near uproar as the quiet peace of the evening was shattered. The inhabitants of Winterhaven just could not believe a cult of Shar was amongst their midst! Whispers and questions assailed the party as they tried to rest within Wrafton’s Inn. Elian the Old and Nivaren the Hunter, directed the party to what they believed to be the Kobold’s lair. Nix spoke with Valthrun the Prescient to determine more about the digsite and it’s connection with the ruined keep. Valthrun was still looking through his ancient histories on the subject, but said he was uncovering dark things indeed. He requested the party seek him out the next afternoon when he had the answers they sought.

The next mourn came swiftly enough, and the party decided to take out the Kobold Menace once and for all. A blitzkrieg attack on their Waterfall hideout made quick work of the Kobolds guardians outside. After piercing the water and finding the rocky cave within, the party also made short work of the remainder of the main Kobold forces. After a drum beating procession….the grisly battle scarred goblin Irontooth came to challenge the intruders. Following him into battle were two shielded Kobolds and a Wyrmpriest of Shar. Doodlit suffered a nearly fatal burning at the hands of the Wyrmpriest, but was rescued from death by the quick work of Priestest Morgada. Talon bravely challenged Irontooth, matching the goblin leader strike for strike. The battle was fierce as Doodlit and the Drow Warlock Menthos tried to even the odds. Unfortunately the previous gouts of power that Nix brought down the defenders with….were nearly exhausted, and she found herself in poor shape to deal with these vicious foes. With the power of faith Morgada and Talon brought down Irontooth, as Doodlit and Menthos finished off the Wyrmpriest and it’s guards.

An exhausted but Victorious party wearily trudged back to Winterhaven having not only rid the Vale of the Kobolds but realizing that there may be a great evil stirring…..can they stop Kalarel’s ritual before all is lost?


That is some flavorful text!

Ancient secrets

You know it! LOL

Ancient secrets

Nice one there. I can’t believe how bad I rolled that night.

Ancient secrets

Happens to everyone once in awhile. I remember one night where Mike couldn’t roll over a 5 either lol.

Ancient secrets

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