Watchers at the Gate

Welcome to the start of our new game!

Beginnings aren't easy

First off, a great big hello to all my players!

This is the new blog/site entry for our new 4E game I will be running every other weekend. Depending on how this all goes I might have separate games running again on the ‘off’ weekends.

As I’ve mentioned before with the little guy running about, it’s easier for me to run something fairly simple to start with. As he gets older this will be easier, but for now it’s all about getting together and having fun.

I have titled the game “Watchers at the Gate”. It’s a nice simple monomer for a wide range of things I see this party getting into.

So without further adue lets get to the characters in our new tale of high adventure. I don’t think everyone has names yet so here’s what we have so far:

Half-elf Paladin Dragonborn Cleric (Black Dragon breath weapon – acid) Eladrin Wizard Drow Warlock (Who’d guess!!! This is a Realms game fyi. Dark Pact feat) Eladrin Rogue

Ironically with the characters being made the PH2 comes out in like 2 months. So we might see some changes to the roster around then.

I urge you guys to make a backstory of some sort for these toons….yes I called them toons. Muhahahha.

AS it is I know there will be some easily compiled background info from the 4e Realms PHB. If you don’t have access to it, just let me know and I can dig up whatever you may need.

Game time should be set for 7:30-8:00pm start time. That seemed to work last time so I’m going to stick with it. I’m going to start as soon as a certain amount of people arrive. I’m unsure if we will be upstairs or down…it depends on the weather.

That’s it for now. I will be working on this campaign every day as we progress. Let me know if you have any special ideas or comments!



You should delete the Welcome message at the bottom for OCD cleanliness sake.


lol sounds like a good idea


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