Talon Cairndragon

Talon Cairndragon is a Paladin of Torm


STR = 16 CON = 17 DEX = 8 INT = 12 WIS = 14 CHA = 19

Fort = 14 Ref = 12 Will = 15

HP = 32

AC = 20

Speed 5 (6 Base – Armor)

Armor: Plate Armor & Heavy Shield
Weapons: Longsword, Greatsword.


Backstory: Talon Cairndragon use to be a different man. A farmer named Mort Finspickle. Living in the heartlands of Cormyr wasn’t a hard life and his father kept the family fed. Father had raised his sons to trust in the state and the god Torm to keep them safe. Their lives were full, but monotonous. And that wasn’t for Mort. He had heard the tales of great heroes from the bards in the local tavern. He didn’t think they should just let the goodness of others protect them from harm. He wanted to take the light to the darkness and blaze the way for justice. Like the great paladins in the stories.

So against his father’s wishes, Mort joined the church of Torm in the nearby city and trained so that he could take his courage to the darkest reaches of the realms. But of course, the name Mort Finspickle would never strike awe into the hearts of the damned. He would need a new name, and with it, he would change the hearts of the wicked or he would smite them down in the name of Torm.

Talon Cairndragon

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