Female Onyx Scaled Dragonborn Cleric of Moradin


Morgada is wise and hearty, however she is less dexterous or intelligent than her brethren. She is not gullible, but would have difficulty calculating the customary 20 percent tip for a meal.


Morgada was hatched 17 years ago in the Dragonborn empire of Tymanther. Like her brood brothers and sisters, she grew steeped in the heritage of her ancestors. Aside from the profound hatred of dragons her race had kindled since the dawn of time, Morgada developed a particular interest in art and the beauty of constructs, both natural and man (or dragonborn) made. This natural affinity lead her into the newly popular faith of the Dwarven deity Moradin. Through her service in the dwarven lord, Morgada developed a need to seek out new treasures and items of unusual or eclectic construction… she didn’t care so long as it was beautiful. She dismissed the ruins of the Untherian empire buried beneath her own realm, and sought treasures to the west and east. One treasure inevitably leads to another, leading Morgada inadvertently into a life of wanderlust, though she makes a point to visit her home temple annually to present her findings to the church and her dragonborn community.


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