Nix "Nix - Sen"


Nix stands at about 4 feet 7 inches tall. Her body is very slender even for an eleran. She appears about 16 in human years. She has red hair that is tied into two pony tails on the sides, and keeps her right eye covered with her hair. Her right eye is spellscared with the ability of darkvision. When activated it glows with a light blue, because of her spellscar she has been aging quicker than a normal eleran.


For the past 35 years she Nix has been raised by an elven war wizard known as Dovin Seagate. With her master she has learned a lot about the world from his absurd amount of books. Unfortunately with the amount of books he has she has became a librarian more or less. Stuck in his floating castle she has categorized everything from A-Z in 8 different languages. Even though many apprentices have thought of this as a fate worst than death, Nix still works through it because she remembers it was only Seagate that saved her when she was a child.

Nix "Nix - Sen"

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