Pretty fly for a Eladrin guy.


Str. 16

Con. 13

Dex. 17

Int. 15

Wis. 10

Cha. 15

Fort. Save 13

Reflex Save 15

Will Save 12


Acrobatics 3

Arcana 4

Atheletics 8

Bluff 2

Diplomacy 2

Dungeoneering 5

Endurance 1

History 4

Insight 0

Intimidate 7

Perception 5

Stealth 8

Streetwise 7

Thievery 8

Pas. Insight 10

Pas. Perc. 15

Movement Speed 6

Languages Known, Common, Elven.


I didn’t used to be a man with the absolutly dumb name of Doo’dlit. I was once the only son of a weathy merchant. A merchant who made his trade in the arms dealing. Which made him a very rich man, but also made plenty of enemies over the years…

Two years ago, when I was in the 17th summer of my life. A trader of the worst kind who wanted to take over my dad’s route and goods. Sent a assassin team in to take him, my mother, myself, and my 2 little sister’s out. The bastards did get my parents and Seisha, but I grabbed the youngest, Joilee and fled as fast as I could. My running was always considered better than most, so I held her and ran as far as I could. It seemed like days, but I dare not stop. I ran until I succumbed to fatique.

I awoke 3 days later and found myself in a temple to Mielikki. They tended to my wounds and I told them my story, and asked if they would take Joilee in to raise as their own, since I was sure those assassin’s would be looking for a teen with a 7 year old sister. They agreed to it, with a middle aged lady with striking features, who was a unusual type of healer I had never seen. She said her name was Erin, and that she would raise her as like her own. Joilee, although scared, took to her new foster mother almost immediatly. So with my little one taken care of, I needed a guise of my own. I found this close to elderly man who seemed rather scrupulous by the name of Barley. He asked me if I knew the ways of survival, needless to say growing up in a city. I knew how to wield a weapon, and defend myself. But outside of that, no, I am educated, and a quick learner. But that wouldn’t help much out here in the wilderness.

He took me in and we went to (insert city name here Nuube) where he taught me the ways of being a scoundrel and a dashing rogue. He was amazed at how I grasped so many skills so easily. He helped me in many ways, but in due time he could not teach me anymore. So one morning he told me it was time for me to make my own tracks and be my own man. With the burning desire to still rid the world of that s.o.b. trader, whose name I only know as Bourne, and reunite with my sister under better circumstances, I began looking for people to work with to at some point help me get rid of this trader and the Assassin’s that destroyed my life.

Dougrast Octoviod Litchenbloom


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